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Cosplayer Confessions is a place where you are free to say the things you are too afraid to say out loud about cosplay, cosplaying, and/or cosplayers.

You are welcome to submit confessions through the 'ask' box, but please read the rules before submitting.
You should featura bekamura cosplay. She's wonderful, and you can find her on facebook and deviantart~

I’m really sorry, but I was unable to find this person on Facebook or Deviantart. I even tried a google search and looking on tumblr and nothing turned up :( Could the name have been misspelled by any chance?

Feature Friday - Silver Flames Cosplay

Our second feature this Friday is Silver Flames Cosplay as Sora, Riku, and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2. They are a very talented group, they make cosplay gifs, videos, and do cosplay asks on their tumblr! Go check out their gallery and give them a follow here

Sorry for the inactivity

I’m so sorry we weren’t active today. I’m currently at Anime Boston and couldn’t access the blog till now and I don’t know what Mod P was up to today. We have a few features for Feature Friday that I will post shortly and some confessions I’ll add to our queue. Again, I apologize for our absence today, I really tried to keep the queue filled for this weekend but we were short on confessions ^-^;

- Mod N

Feature Friday - Hey Say Cosplay

Our first feature this Friday goes to the cosplay group Hey Say Cosplay as Vocaloids Megpoid Gumi, Rin Kagamine, Miku Hatsune, & Luka Megurine from the Vocaloid PV Matryoshka. They even made their own cosplay music video with this cosplays that you can view 'here'.

Check out their cosplay gallery and Facebook page ‘here’.

I'm having to go alone to a big con. Will I be ok?

While it can be intimidating going to a con alone, especially a big one, it’s also a chance to meet new friends. If you’ve gone to cons before then you have the advantage of knowing the con basics and that should get you through most of it. Be sure to have your phone with you at all times and know the area you are in.

The first time I went to Dragon*Con I didn’t know anyone there and wasn’t familiar with the area and I got lost looking for a photoshoot meet up, luckily I had a gps in my phone and was able to make it back to the con area. I was really intimidated by the size of the con and nervous about being alone and getting lost didn’t help, but I was able to meet some of my favorite musicians and actors and I made new friends.
Sorry this got really wordy lol Basically what I’m saying is I understand how you feel, but as long as you know your surroundings, keep your phone on you, and remember to have fun then you’ll be fine <3

- Mod N

Ask Wednesday

Ask Wednesday is once again upon us. Please feel free to send us any cosplay or convention related questions and Mod P and I will do our best to answer.

Also, our queue is almost empty so send us your cosplay confessions so we can keep the blog active :)

- Mod N

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